Krewe of Hera to add secrecy to Lundi Gras lineup in East Jefferson

Lundi Gras in Metairie is poised for a makeover, thanks to a new all-female krewe set to parade before the Krewe of Zeus the night before Fat Tuesday. Little is being shared about the Krewe of Hera, except that it will have "cool elements that Metairie hasn't seen before," said Brian Landry, a spokesman for the Mystic Society of Hera.

Krewe of Zeus_8The Krewe of Zeus, above, will be joined by a new carnival organization, the Krewe of Hera, on Lundi Gras in East Jefferson.

"They're keeping a lot of stuff secret, but what they're putting together is definitely not your grandmother's version of a Mardi Gras parade."

The Krewe of Hera is the first Carnival group to join the Jefferson Parish lineup since Hurricane Katrina and one of only two female krewes slotted to parade in East Jefferson. The other is the Krewe of Isis.

Hera will roll on the traditional Veterans Boulevard route beginning at 6:30 p.m. Feb. 11, followed by Zeus at 7 p.m.

The group approached the Jefferson Parish Council in late 2011 after the Krewe of Rhea ceased operations after 41 years. But rather than roll on the first Sunday of the Carnival season, as was Rhea's tradition, Hera asked for a Lundi Gras slot.

The council gave the group tentative approval and was set to grant its parade permit Aug. 29. The meeting was cancelled because of Hurricane Isaac, and all agenda items were moved to the Sept. 19 meeting.

"It won't be official until Sept. 19," said Sean Burke, director of Jefferson's Office of Citizen of Affairs, which oversee's the parish's Carnival festivities. "But from what I've been told it looks like it's a go.

"This is a good thing for (Jefferson Parish)," he said. "It sounds very promising."

To illustrate its secrecy, the group is not revealing its theme, throws or names of its leaders. Instead, each leader has a nickname such as Sista Bling, Sista Soul, Sista Rock and Sista Roll.

"It's an alluring concept that we've put together, with a lot of creative minds behind it," Sista Bling said. "If we have it our way, we'll take the social, community and parading experience to a whole other level for our ladies."

Bling said the parade promises to have "spirited themes, sought-after throws and modern goddess portrayals."

"It will be a bigger show, and I assume more people will come out to see it," Landry said. "The whole purpose is to put on a good show for the citizens of Jefferson Parish."

Hera will partner with the Krewe of Zeus in a variety of events, including a masked ball and a block party. For information on membership, go to


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