The Arthurians members, King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights Chamberlain once again used their preferred mode of transportation - the streetcar -- to arrive at the "Winter Palace" on St. Charles Avenue for The Arthurians' annual Carnival ball on Feb. 24.

This tradition is one of many for this organization founded in 1979. Another is how the court is chosen. Invited guests mingled with members on the first floor - accented by green garland containing thousands of tiny white lights that hung from the ceiling -- while King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights Chamberlain went upstairs to deliberate about who Guinevere and two maids would be. A court jester entertained partygoers while they waited, as did the New Leviathan Fox-Trot Orchestra. Once the group made a decision, they appeared on the staircase landing, from which Merlin departed to search the party. He first found the maids: Judy Eckhardt and Letizia Hardy, then, Guinevere: Donna Allen.

After the royal court made their promenade around the palace, King Arthur and Guinevere took their places on the throne to greet guests such as Susan Ogden, last year's Guinevere who was escorted to the throne and presented with a bouquet of roses, ball chairman Joshua S. Reyher CDR USMC, Mary Lou and Tim Pickles, Mary and Seth Nehrbass, Benjy Lowry and Shelly Gallender, Melissa and Bruce Gordon, Jack Stewart and Ann Woodruff, Senela and Elmer Frasch, Melissa and Clay Andrews, Joan and Alan Sheen, Errol Laborde and Peggy Scott Laborde, Phil Mollere and Linda Bizzarro, and Chris Elliot.

Guests could also enjoy food from Martin Wine Cellar, more music from the orchestra, or when it was on break, from members of Kilts of Many Colours: Robert Grubb and Tony Pate on bagpipes and Gary Laura on drums - all the elements worked together to create a magical night; no doubt Merlin was pleased.


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