La Louisiane's The Old Fashioned

La Louisiane's The Old Fashioned king cake is among the cakes we're tasting as part of our '58 days of king cake' this Carnival season (Noah Simon, | The Times-Picayune)

Are you a traditionalist? Then, this bakery might be the perfect fit. It even offers a McEzy, with traditional yellow cake, for those hankering for McKenzie's.

No retail shop. Available by order and through Sam's Clubs and, by order, from Langenstein's, 1330 Arabella St., 504.899.9283; and 800 Metairie Road, 504.831.6682

We tried the light-as-air, plain king cake, dusted with a generous, but not overwhelming, amount of purple, green and gold granulated sugar is your idea of a heavenly New Orleans king cake, then The Old Fashioned is the one for you. No filling, no cinnamon and no white icing. Its moist dough rises so nice and high that sometimes the circular cake closes up the traditional hole in the middle. Great for dessert or a breakfast treat. If you want just granulated sugar on top, be sure to specify that you want The Old Fashioned. La Louisiane makes other flavors and styles as well, including those with white icing and fillings, such as apple, cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, blueberry cream cheese, Bananas foter, chocolate and pecan praline.

Type: Traditional plain cake.

Baby: Plastic baby outside the cake.

Native New Orleanian taster said it: "This is what we wished McKenzie's had tasted like."

Price: Prices may vary by retailer, between $14 and $16.

Shipping: Yes through the website,, or by calling 504.739.7872.

Lagniappe: La Louisiane closed its retail bakery in Harahan. This makes the cakes more difficult to find in retail shops, but you can find them in most area Sam's Clubs, Robert's Market, both Langenstein's.


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