Creative headpieces and a love of the arts were just two of the entrees for the women attending the Dazzling Divine Femme Fatale Revelers of Terpsichore La Nouvelle Orleans Masquerade Society Soiree on Feb. 18 at Antoine's Restaurant. The party requires attendees -- arts and cultural enthusiasts who love Mardi Gras -- to don a crown, tiara or creatively designed headdress.

Revelers -- surrounded by Carnival royalty in the restaurant's Rex Room -- got into a festive spirit for the annual luncheon: Sylvia Schmidt (Terpsichore founder), special guests Katie Pfohl (Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, New Orleans Museum of Art) and Catherine Pears (Executive Director, Alexandria Museum of Art), Bethany Ewald Bultman, Catherine Deano, Kim Bernadas, Linda Houston, Dianne McSwain Schmidt with daughter Emily Schmidt Martyn, Katheryn Keller, Aimee Gautier Dugger, Francesca Kroener, Cammie Hill-Prewitt, Mary Len Costa, Amy McLachlan, Sheridan Wilkes, Catherine Deano, Vivian Cahn, Erin Powell, Rebecca Choate, Caroline Moennich, Beverly Toebben, Kathleen Severs Magee, Karen Glaser Stein, Vivian Cahn, Lisa McLachlan, Gretchen Wheaton, Linda Stubbs, Madeleine Faust, Janie Eshleman, Karen Eustis, Pamela Ewen, Lee Ali, Sara Fuhrer, Kathleen Severs Magee, and Vitrice McMurray, who designed the Terpsichore pin (favor). As he has done in previous years, Bob Warren created an original print, "Moon Dancing with Picasso" for society members.


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