There aren't many krewes that have a parade and a ball that presents a royal court the same night. The Knights of Babylon is part of this ambitious group, and on Feb. 23 it hosted a 78th anniversary Carnival ball at the Marriott Hotel.

As sometimes happens after a parade, the ball ran a little late. But after the krewe Lieutenants entered and a rousing National Anthem performed by the De La Salle High School Color Guard, the audience was more than ready for the court presentation.

The 2016 queen, Miss Rosalie Sarah Hemphill, daughter of Drs. Philip and Valerie Hemphill, appeared with four of her court's maids to take a place of honor to the side of the stage to observe the ball. After the captain entered, the tableau began: the theme, "The Lure and Legend of Gold," had Babylon members depicting stories and legends from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Bible about the appeal of gold. The parade's floats reflected this theme, as well.

Following the tableau was the court presentation. Sargon LXXII and his queen, Miss Jenna Ann Mintz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Alan Mintz reigned over the bal masque, attended to by maids Misses Emmie Rae Davila, Zoie Michelle Gunnels, Morgan Marie Jeansonne, Francesca Marie Lopinto, and Arden Eugenie Townsend; princesses Misses Anne Constant Barone, Lucie Clare Barone, Madeline Rose Golden, and Glenn Eliza Riley, ladies-in-waiting Misses Isabella Victoria Anazagasty, Jean-Eliza Susan Barone, Colleen Patricia Collins, Erin Kathleen Collins, Paige Isabella Duffard, Julia Eleanor Golden, Guidry Greer Manne, Lila Ryan Patel, Addison Renee Perry, and Peyton Ashley Schultz. Pages, who participate in both the parade and the ball, were John Louis Collins, Alston Lane Manne, and Kerth Peterson Metzinger.

For her night on the throne, Queen Jenna wore a silver beaded gown with the neckline and empire waistline trimmed with Swarovski crystals and Austrian rhinestones, with more rhinestones and pearls placed throughout. A full train was fashioned of French Alencon lace. The traditional Babylon Medici collar, crown, scepter and mantle, which matched that of Sargon LXXII, completed the regal ensemble.

The Knights of Babylon also honored Mrs. Patricia Wax on the 65th anniversary as queen of Babylon. Mrs. Wax's daughters were both queens, and her grandchildren were ladies-in-waiting and a page -- Colleen Patricia Collins, Erin Kathleen Collin, John Louis Collins -- this year.

Those in the box seats included the queen's mother, Mrs. David Mintz, Ms. Brenda Joyce Marshall, Mrs. Jack Jacob, Mrs. Frank Guidry, Mrs. Larry Jones, Mrs. Charles Mary and former queens included Mrs. Sean Collins, Ms. Julie Jacob, Miss Miriam Lobrano, Mrs. Gamon Manne, Dr. Mignonne Mary, Miss Rebecca Montgomery, Miss Samantha Montgomery, Miss Jamie Orth, Mrs. Michael Seal, Mrs. Charlene Sinclair, Miss Carra Sinclair and Mrs. Jonathan Tournillon.

After the court's promenade, the evening concluded with a supper dance held in honor of her majesty and her court, with music by Jubilation.


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