Shooting Mardi Gras has changed a lot over the years for the staff of | The Times-Picayune. This gallery of photos from the decade of the 1950s is a great illustration of just how much things have changed.

Back then the photo staffs of the two New Orleans dailies were still using 4x5 Speed Graphic cameras and gear--this was before 35mm equipment was in regular use at the nation's newspapers. The name of this camera--the "Speed" Graphic--was a misnomer by our standards today. This big beast used a film holder that could hold two sheets of film back-to-back and the lens was fixed--no zoom existed yet. So everything about the process was slow and cumbersome.

So what we see here are a lot of posed images: sir, would you mind if I shot your photo? There was not a lot of 'action photography' as we would think about it now.

In spite of that we still see some great moments here, check it out.