Breads on Oak's king cakes

The king cake from Breads on Oak is organic and vegan. (Todd A. Price / | The Times-Picyaune)
The king cake from Breads on Oak is organic and vegan. (Todd A. Price / | The Times-Picyaune)

Baker Sean O'Mahony has a military background, but since 2012 his life has been dedicated to baking European-style breads and pastries at the end of Oak Street. The bakery offers a few indoor chairs and a pleasant rear courtyard. But Breads on Oak also does a brisk business selling its loaves to local restaurants.

Breads on Oak's king cake

8640 Oak St., New Orleans, 504.324.8271

All of Breads on Oak's king cakes, which can also be ordered plain or filled with almond paste or cream cheese, are organic and vegan. The bakery, though, hardly seems like the place to find vegan baked goods (and not everything here is free of animal products). It looks like a charming bakery plucked from a European village. Between the light, brioche-like cake and filling of fresh fruit, this king cake almost seems healthy. But the thick layer of sugar on top, dyed in faint shades of purple, green and gold, will remind you it's a Carnival indulgence. This year: No figs due to a bad crop, so look for persimmon pecan. Check out the "adult" line of king cakes, such as bourbon tiramasu, almond orange champagne and strawberry rum cream cheese.

Type: A vegan caked filled with fresh fruit and topped with sugar. The grow their own fruit, so it is all organic.

Baby: Everything about this cake is natural, including the almond inside that takes the place of the standard plastic baby.

I said it: "I hardly missed the butter."

Price: Plain: $20; Filled: $27; double-filled $30.

Shipping: Yes. Every Wednesday. Home delivery: Yes, daily.

Lagniappe: All of the cakes are vegan, all dairy-free. The bakery does not sell gluten-free kings cakes.



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