Dorignac's Food Center's king cake

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At Dorignac's Food Center, sugar is applied first to the king cakes, then icing. (Dinah Rogers, / The Times-Picayune))

Dorignac's Food Center's in-house bakery specializes in seasonal sweets, stocking up in January with king cakes for Carnival and continuing into spring with St. Joseph's Day, Easter and St. Patrick's Day and so on through Christmas.

Dorignac's Food Center traditional king cake
701 Veteran's Memorial Blvd., Metairie, 504.834.8216

Cinnamon is the default flavor in "traditional" king cakes and that's the one we tried at Dorignac's. This one is a flattened oval of rich dough, with a thin layer of cinnamon inside. Vivid shades of purple, green and dark gold top the cake, and white icing is dribbled generously over the sugar. Dorignac's king cake fits snugly in its inner box, which is then covered with a plastic bag and set into a bakery box. Filling flavors include: cream cheese, apple, blueberry, blueberry cream cheese, chocolate, chocolate cream cheese, lemon and strawberry cream cheese. Not all flavors are available every day, so it is best to call ahead to ensure that flavor is available.
Style: Cinnamon roll cake.
Baby: We approve, as the baby is baked inside the cake.
Price: Medium plain: $19.49 and filled $25.49. Other sizes and prices are available.
Shipping: Yes by phone or come into the store.
I said it: "I really like the sugar colors and the style of decoration here."

Lagniappe: Dorignac's offers small sugar-free king cakes in apple, lemon and cherry. (plain $19.49, filled $22.49). At Christmas, Dorignac's bake candy-cane-shaped king cakes. 


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