HK NOLA's kosher 'King David' Zulu cake

HK NOLA's king cakes area available in plain cinnamon, Zulu-style with chocolate and coconut, chocolate babaka and a new 2017 flavor called Bourbon Street king cake. (Photo from HK NOLA) ( )

HK NOLA's says it made the world's first kosher Mardi Gras king cake in 2013. Although we have no way to verify the claim, the king cake from Tulane's Jewish student center is one of a very few kosher cakes that we've encountered over the yeas. The kosher restaurant inside Tulane Hillel is open to public. The cakes are available with plain cinnamon, Zulu-style with chocolate and coconut, chocolate babaka and a new flavor called Bourbon Street king cake.

HK NOLA's Zulu-style "King David Cake"

912 Broadway Ave., New Orleans, 504.909.9919

The bakers, led by Harveen Khera, created the kosher king cake. Keeping kosher requires that meat and dairy be kept separate. Because the cafe has a "meat kitchen," that meant that Brown had to substitute Earth Balance for butter and soy milk for the milk. She could still, however, use eggs. The end result is a moist cake with spirals of chocolate and coconut inside. A light glaze coats the top and vibrant purple, green and gold coconut shavings provides the final flourish. Cakes must be ordered a day in advance by phone or Visit the website at

Type: Classic king cake texture with chocolate and coconut inside and coconut on top.

Baby: Nope. The cake includes a "dreidel in lieu of a baby -- because followers of Judaism are still waiting for their messiah!"

I said it: "I certainly didn't miss the dairy. This excellent cake had a homemade charm that's missing from many mass produced king cakes."

Price:  $8.99 small, $14.99 regular and $21.99 large.

Shipping: Yes. They also can do door-to-door delivery in the New Orleans area.

Lagniappe: The cake can be ordered in Carnival colors or blue and white. The bakery has a new flavor this year Bourbon Street, which contains cinnamon, bourbon and local citrus. The cakes can be made vegan upon request.



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