Want fries with that? For Mardi Gras, blogger creates king cake frites

King Cake Fries
Anthony Graham Blackall of the blog Glazed and Confused inveted king cake sweet potato fries for the 2015 Mardi Gras season. (Photo by Anthony Graham Blackall / Courtesy of Glazed and Confused)

Adam Biderman, owner of Company Burger, recently tempted the fates with a Facebook post.

"I wonder," he wrote, "how many places are going to try to outdo one another with king cake burgers this year?"

He was referring to the king cake burger from the truck Food Drunk. The sweet and savory combo, which debuted during last year's Carnival season, adds a layer of icing and purple, green and gold sugar to a cheese burger's bun.

I didn't get to try one last year. Some said the king cake burgers were delicious. I'll take their word for it.

Instead of a king cake burger arms race, the 2015 Carnival season brought us fries.

Anthony Graham Blackall, a Loyola undergrad who runs the food blog Glazed & Confused, dreamed up the sweet potato king cake fries.

"In my quest to create the closest thing possible to dessert poutine," Blackall writes, "I made this absolute showstopper of a dessert chock-full of vitamin A."

The sweet potato fries are topped with brown butter cream cheese glaze, praline sauce, pecans and -- bien sûr -- purple, green and gold sugar.

You might say this has all gone too far. I say it hasn't gone far enough!

What other dishes can we "king cake"? (Yes, I think Webster's will have to accept that term as a verb.)

King cake roast beef po-boys? King cake chargrilled oysters?

Or what about king cake Brussels sprouts, this year's kale? After all, the sprouts are already green. We'd only have to add purple and gold.

Give us more brilliant suggestions in the comment section below.