Who should Krewe du Vieux skewer during Mardi Gras 2015?

Protect the faint of heart. Those naughty kids at Krewe du Vieux are preparing to parade their annual blend of political satire and potty humor through the streets Saturday (Jan. 31), starting at 6:30 p.m. And we'll be blushing at the curb as the uncouth krewe helps get Mardi Gras 2015 off to a bad start.  

But who and what should feel the sting of Krewe du Vieux's bracing humor this year?

Mayor Landrieu, Gov. Jindal and President Obama have all been cheerfully ridiculed during recent KDV parades.

The sanctity of go-cups, the imposition of noise pollution laws, the legalization of marijuana in more libertine states, the management of the local lock-up, and the emergence of a hometown newspaper war have all been fodder for KDV's sardonic downtown float makers.

Football commissioner Roger Goodell, members of the Duck Dynasty, Olympic athletes, and even Reddy Kilowatt have also born the brunt of KDV jocularity.


This year's theme is "Krewe du Vieux Begs For Change" and the website offers a hit list of 2015's topical targets. 

But before you go there, tell us which blemished public personalities and headline foibles YOU would most love to see scandalized in papier-mache atop a KDV float?

Add your personal picks to the comment stream below.

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