Krewedelusion Mardi Gras parade was a gas, Saturday (Jan. 23) in New Orleans

The krewedelusion surrealistic Mardi Gras parade has come into its own in 2016. As it has for the past five Carnivals, the arty, amorphous krewedelusion parade followed immediately behind the sexually and satirically scandalous Krewe du Vieux. To be honest, krewedelusion has always felt like a promising work in progress, not a finished procession.

Until now.

This year's parade, at least near the beginning, had a sense of unity and momentum that gave it more presence than ever. In 2016, the glittering, noisy, mostly nonsensical march provided a welcome denouement to the satirical buzz saw of KDV. 

Parade theme

Carnival politics was the theme. One small float bore paintings depicting a Muses shoe stuck in the eye of a Krewe D'Etat skull. Another depicted Chewbacchus chomping on a 'tit Rex shoebox float. There was also a float featuring defunct parades from history as decapitations (if I understood what I was seeing). 

Later came a marching group of faux flambeaux bearers in copper-colored wigs and shiny blue suits tossing "Trump-Beauxs" -- fake $100 bills. 


Krewedelusion parade, Mardi Gras 2016: 2 minutes of crazy Grab a spot at the curb for a 2-minute tour of highlights from the krewedelusion surrealistic Mardi Gra parade 2016, which took place on Saturday (Jan. 23). For more, search for "Krewedelusion Mardi Gras parade was a gas, Saturday (Jan. 23) in New Orleans"

Weather conditions

Glove and hat weather, but dry.

Prize throws

Like Krewe du Vieux, krewedelusion isn't really about the throws. I picked up a couple of Trump $100 bills. I wish I'd gotten one of the hand-made roses from the marching flower women.

Favorite floats

The James Brown Funky President float, though I didn't perfectly get what it had to do with anything else. Carnival politics, I guess?

Hottest burns

Suggesting that the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus was bent on devouring poor little 'tit Rex. 

Favorite bands

Does the Dr. Suess bicycle-powered two-story musical instrument thing count as a band? If so, it was my favorite. But listen, just like Krewe du Vieux, krewedelusion has marvelous brass music from start to finish.

Favorite marching groups

It's an impossible choice. I loved the beautiful marching flowers, the Marie Antoinettes, the Tap Dat dance troupe, the James Brown dancers near the end, and the money slinging Trump-Beauxs. Bravo to you all.

Celebrity spotting 

All hail Blaine Kern Jr. who reigns as krewedelusions' "King Bragadocious and Captain of New Orleans." 

Kern, the 88-year-old patriarch of the Kern float building empire seemed to be having a great time, leading the procession from his carriage.

When Kern accepted krewedelusion's invitation to reign on Dec. 18, he said this: "I've been putting on parades for over seventy years, practically all the big ones in New Orleans and all over the world, but krewedelusion is unique. Being King is going to be exhilarating!"

At his coronation on Jan. 21, Kern summed up the importance of the small DIY krewe perfectly, when he said: "You guys represent a different aspect of Mardi Gras than I knew about, but it's also a very, very important one. The thing is, Mardi Gras, in all its different phases, belongs to all of us."


Blaine Kern Jr., King of krewedelusion, Mardi Gras marchers Watch as octogenarian Blaine Kern Jr., founder of the Kern float-building empire, is crowned King Bragadocious and Captain of New Orleans by the krewedelusion Carnival marching organization on Thursday (Jan. 21). The krewedelusion parade follows Krewe du Vieux on Saturday (Jan. 23). For details visit

Crowd atmosphere

Polite, upbeat and into it.

Break downs, delays

An occasional hiccup, but no major delays.

What's your krewe view? 

That was my experience. How was yours? Do you think krewedelusion seemed more solid this year? Or was I imagining things? What was your favorite part? Does krewedelusion even need a theme? Or can it be the totally random parade?