In case you missed the Mid-Summer Mardi Gras parade 2016, here's a video

The 30th anniversary Mid-Summer Mardi Gras parade went off "without a hitch" according to King Rubustus XXX (aka Jamie Bernstein). If you were not among the thousands of marchers or observers of the procession, here's a 60-second video sample.

In the second half of the short video, a passing jellyfish (Angela Becnel) explains the historical resonance of the parade, which took place in 2005 as Hurricane Katrina bore down on the city. Becnel sees the subsequent recovery of New Orleans as a sign of hope for the sufferers of the Louisiana Flood of 2016.

This year's Mid-Summer Mardi Gras theme "Get Wet" was chosen long before the 2016 Louisiana flooding began. 

If you'd care to watch a Facebook Live video of the roughly 11-minute parade, you'll find it embedded below.