Elves of Oberon's puckish Carnival ball

The Elves of Oberon ball kicks off what is almost a week of non-stop Carnival balls before Mardi Gras. This group, which had its first ball in 1895, traditionally holds it on the Monday before.

So, as tradition dictated, the 123rd ball took place on Monday (Feb. 20). Another tradition is the tableau, which pokes fun of the politics of the time -- this year's was titled "Commander in Tweet."

In addition to invited guests, those viewing the tableau included the queen and her maids, who held bouquets of violets, the color and flower of the Elves of Oberon.

Reigning as queen of the ball was Miss Mary Nolan Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Michael James Brown. Her Suzanne Perron St. Paul-designed gown was embroidered tulle and silver metallic mesh layered over pristine silk white satin in a trumpet silhouette. Vertical motifs lined with crystals elongated the bodice, while linear patterns of stylized chevrons pointed up from the sweeping skirt hem. Sequins, Swarovski crystals, seed beads and bugles encrusted a motif of scrolls, medallions, and patterning. The organization's traditional Medici collar and ermine trimmed mantle, as well as a sparkling crown and scepter finished the regal ensemble.

The First Maid was Miss Catherine Lapeyre Barry (she was 2017 queen of Twelfth Night Revelers) and maids were Misses Charlotte Crenshaw Clark (2017 Dorians queen), Elaine Daire Delouche, Caroline Walmsley Favrot, Adele Bry Layrisson, Alexandra Suzanne LeJeune, Ailleen Cassegrain Livaudais, Eleanor Grace Masinter, and Eugenia Hill Walk.

During the tableau, the curtain raised to reveal the king and pages John Sawyer Adriance, Thomas Hampton Gamard, Colin McGlinchey Moffett, and Ian Patrick Todd.

This krewe is known for its family and krewe ties: The late Meredith Turner Janvier (Mrs. John Peter Labouisse III) would have been the 50-year queen this year -- her grandson, John Sawyer Adriance, served as a Queen's page, and in 1967 one of Mrs. Labouisse's pages was James Parkhurst Favrot, whose daughter Caroline Walmsley Favrot was a maid in this year's ball.  Miss Favrot's sister, Celeste Freret Favrot, was the queen of Oberon in 2013. First Maid Catie Barry's family also has a long history with Oberon, which includes her aunt, Catherine Cunningham Barry, who was queen in 1976. Page Hampton Gamard's father was also a page in Oberon, and the queen's brother was a page in Oberon in 2009.

Ladies in the box seats included the queen's mother Mrs. Michael James Brown, grandmothers Mrs. Alphonse Joseph Schmitt Jr. and Mrs. John Reid Brown, sister Miss Margaret Magee Brown, Mrs. Richard Parke Ellis Jr., Mrs. Stephen Henry Clement, Miss Marguerite Parke Ellis, Mrs. Leslie Lauder Inman, Miss Margaret Rivers Wilbanks, Miss Catherine Bailey Bohn, Miss Haley Michelle Lightfoot, Mrs. Scott Michael Brenner, Mrs. Jack A. Hillard, Mrs. Timothy D. Scandurro, Mrs. Philip Francis Lapeyre, Miss Kendall Adair Butler, Mrs. Donald Roy Frampton, Mrs. Peter Bedford Tompkins, Mrs. Charles James Van Horn, Jr., Mrs. Douglass Chapman Mills, Mrs. Edouard James Kock III, Mrs. Frank de la Houssaye Agnew, Ms. Katherine McCall Whann (1987 Queen), Mrs. William Anderson Baker Jr., Mrs. John Daniel Reaves, and the 2016 Queen, Miss Sara Layne Gambel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Joseph Gambel, who was also presented to their majesties and received a bouquet of roses from the group's Captain. 

Music at the ball was provided by Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra, while Az-izZ was the entertainment at the New Orleans Country Club, where the queen's supper was held.


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