Are you a shoe lover? See the Krewe of Muses on Thursday (Feb. 23)

Though their theme is top-secret, the Krewe of Muses will surely give parade attendees a fabulous, shoe-filled time at their parade on Thursday (Feb. 23) at 6:30 p.m. Uptown. Throws range from the krewe's prized glittery heels, to many shoe-themed trinkets, to spa headbands, to plush "pesky pests" -- including a fly and caterpillar. 

Four brand new floats will be unveiled at this year's parade -- a mama duck float and three ducky floats that will trail the krewe's bathtub float. To celebrate this introduction, this year has been deemed 'The Year of the Duck.' Be prepared to catch rubber duckies, as well light-up rubber ducky pens and necklaces.