Krewe of Nereus stages a majestic Carnival ball

For many, their krewe is family, and that never felt more apparent than at the 122nd grand ball of the Krewe of Nereus on Feb. 3.

Nereus, who is never identified, and his queen, Miss Charlotte Villars Delery, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Stanislaus Delery Jr., have strong ties to the krewe and were well represented by their families in the ball crowd that also included close friends there to celebrate on the evening of Feb. 3 at the Royal Tent adjacent to the New Orleans Country Club.

The ball commenced with a stirring version of the National Anthem by Kirk Redmann, accompanied by Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra, which also provided the music for the ball. Krewe members then entered and took their spots for the tableau, which was based on "The Little Mermaid." The tableau theme was also illustrated by the ball's invitation and program's cover art by artist Tim Trapolin and by the matching krewe favor pin of a mermaid holding her crown and scepter.

At the tableau's conclusion, the curtain opened to reveal Nereus and the krewe's lieutenants, who took their spots for the court presentation.

Maids to her majesty were Misses Jane Todd Betz, Christina Elizabeth Karl, Madison Colleen Mikes, and Madden Elizabeth Wilbert. Once in place, Queen Charlotte entered wearing royal regalia: the Empire-style gown was in silver tones with a floral pattern of silver embroidery and stones all over the gown; the krewe's collar and mantle; and a diamond and sapphire crown-shaped pendant with a sapphire teardrop, a gift from his Majesty.

Pages were Andrew Warren Breaux, Kerth Peterson Metzinger, Ethan Scott Schaeffer, and Nicholas James Sullivan.

Once their Majesties and their court was situated on the stage, the orchestra played "Memories" as the krewe Captain, accompanied by two pages, presented a bouquet of roses to the 2016 returning queen, Miss Katherine Woodworth Slatten, daughter and step-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Tappan Slatten, and daughter of Mrs. Michelle Browder Slatten. He then escorted her to the throne to toast Nereus and his queen. Those in the box seats included the queen's mother, grandmother Mrs. Oliver S. Delery Sr., aunts Miss Joyce M. Delery and Mrs. Anne D. Comarda (who reigned as Miss Anne Helena Delery in 1977), cousin Miss Amy E. Comarda (Queen 2005), Mrs. Fabian K. Fromherz , Mrs. Kurt W. Fromherz (who reigned as Miss Eugenie D. Grevemberg in 2008), Mrs. John F. Hills, Ms. Phyllis K. Fromherz, Mrs. Spencer L. Voss, Miss Susan N. Danielson, Mrs. Stephen Schonberg, Miss Celeste Schonberg, Mrs. Thomas Woods, Mrs. Henry Schonberg, Mrs. Scott F. Roussel (who reigned as Miss Ashley Cowand Schonberg in 1997), Mrs. William H. Couret III and IV, Mrs. Alfred F. Brown III and Mrs. C. Peck Hayne.

After the court's promenade, revelers stayed to dance, which was followed by the queen's supper in the adjacent New Orleans Country Club, where Harvey Jesus and Fire took over the entertainment duties.


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