Waiting for the Endymion Mardi Gras parade? Only a few hours to go

It's like that boring play "Waiting for Godot." For days now, forlorn vagabonds have staked out claims to patches of ground on Orleans Avenue, waiting for some indescribable something to appear.

Despite their tarps, caution tape and spray paint, the Endymion squatters have no legitimate claim to the land. In the video above, one cheeky young land-grabber described what he was doing as "Christopher Columbusing."  

In "Waiting for Godot," the characters didn't have camp chairs and beer, of course. And in "Waiting for Godot," nothing ever happens (I hope I didn't spoil it for you). But, starting at 4:15 today (February 25), something really big will happen on Orleans Avenue.

Endymion 'squatters' stake claims to prime parade spots: 'The Mayor of Endymion' Rhea McCarthyEndymion 'squatters' stake claims to prime parade spots: 'The Mayor of Endymion' Rhea McCarthy (Photo by Doug MacCash / NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune)

Endymion, the most super of all super krewes, will roll on its own Mid-City route. Expect 80 floats more or less, lit up like Las Vegas (I've never really been to Las Vegas, but I've heard tell), and an absolute blizzard of plastic beads and blinking throws of all sorts. For kids, Endymion is like an exploding toy store. For adults too. Squatters rejoice.

Endymion is unpolitical. It's unpretentious. It's not about high society. Endymion is 50 years old, but you can't call it old-school, because it's the technological leader of all of Carnival. Check out the giant selfie float. Hail Endymion!

For a carefully researched and beautifully written Endymion backstory follow the link below.

If you did not read that carefully researched and beautifully written Endymion history, I bet you don't know who Endymion was. Was he:

A - A Russell Crowe-handsome shepherd in Greek mythology who had a dalliance with a goddess, whose husband condemned him to eternal zzzzzzzleep? Or something like that?

B - A promising race horse at the Fairgrounds.

C - A promising race horse at the Fairgrounds named after a gorgeous, though sleepy shepherd in Greek mythology.

The answer is ... yes.

Now back to the Endymion squatters. On Thursday and Friday, we witnessed aggrieved cursing and claim jumping. Plus, we heard that the city was making sweeps to remove untended campsites. But the squatters refused to abandon the parade barricades. It's just like that boring movie "Les Miserables," except the flags are purple green and gold.