Atlanteans adventurously sail the high seas at Carnival ball

As the city of New Orleans was founded by adventurers, the buccaneering theme of The Atlanteans ball, "Festin Corsario de Cartagena," seemed apropos the evening of Feb. 21.

Lord Poseidon, who ruled over the scene, enjoyed the energetic ambiance this year, as did the royal court. Reigning with him as queen was Miss Elizabeth Flower Redd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edmund England Redd. Her mother, as Miss Anne Stuart Flower, was queen in 1989 - the theme that year was "The Search for Atlantis." Queen Elizabeth's royal ensemble impressed all: The gown by Suzanne Perron St. Paul was made of Italian double silk satin accented with a lattice lace overskirt with front inverted pleats that framed the Elizabethan-inspired front panel adorned with Swarovski crystals in interlocking circles paired with a beaded scroll motif. The dress was further embellished with bead enhanced metallic embroidery radiating from crystal crescents and jewel-encrusted trims that defined the waist and encircled the sweeping skirt hem. The organization's traditional Medici collar and mantle were added, along with a pearl and diamond Edwardian necklace worn by her mother when she was queen.

Joining the monarchs were maids Misses Chastine MacGregor Arbaugh, Margaret Elisabeth Hoefer, Anna Eugenie Huger, Caroline Emily Lane, Avery Scott Rowan, and Elizabeth Fenner French, who with Queen Elizabeth was feted at a debutante party, "An Elizabethan Evening," hosted by their parents in December. (For which Suzanne Perron St. Paul designed both of their Elizabethan-inspired dresses.)

Like Queen Elizabeth, the maids also have family ties to the organization: Miss Arbaugh's mother, Mary Neilson Watters Arbaugh was queen in 1976; Miss French's grandmother, Flora Fenner French, was a maid in 1959; and Miss Rowan's mother, Virginia Freeman Rowan, was a maid in 1990.

Pages to the monarchs Nathaniel Pope Phillips IV and James Joseph Reiss IV (his aunt, Lady Catherine Reiss Fuller, was queen in 1997) were also part of the royal court, ably fulfilling their duties that included mantle wrangling.

Observing the ball from the box seats were the queen's mother, Mrs. Edmund England Redd (she wore an original design by Kathleen Van Horn), grandmothers Mrs. Walter C. Flower III and Mrs. Uhland O. Redd III, sister Miss Fleming Redd, Mrs. F. Macnaughton Ball, Miss Dorothy Ball, Mrs. Scott Ukrop (Queen 1983 as Lowell Davis Simmons), Mrs. Robert Hallowell Gardiner (Queen 1967 as Anne Brandon McIlhenny), Mrs. Robert J. Whann IV, Mrs. Thomas Dugan Westfeldt II, Mrs. Lynes R. Sloss, Mrs. J. Kelly Duncan, Mrs. Christian T. Brown, Mrs. Alfred Whitney Brown III, Mrs. R. King Milling and Mrs. William H. Hines.

The tableau's singing pirates, accompanied by Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra, set a boisterous tone, which carried over to the queen's supper, also at the Ritz-Carlton, where the court and invited guests - as well as music from the Boogie Men -- kept the Carnival season spirit going well into the night. 


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