Portland, Maine, proclaims Mardi Gras an official holiday

Welcome to the wild, mixed-up, festive and altogether weird world of hosting Mardi Gras, Portland.

The Maine city of about 66,000 people officially proclaimed Mardi Gras as a holiday Tuesday (Feb. 28), according to a press release, and, from our city to yours, we have one piece of advice: Get ready. 

This Mardi Gras marked 145 years since Shrove Tuesday was an official holiday for us in New Orleans, so we have some expectations about how the day goes down. There should be parades and there should be king cake, but most of all, there should definitely be revelry. 

(We're partial to go cups, too, so you might consider that.) 

Portland, Maine, Mayor Ethan Strimling read the official proclamation Tuesday at The Portland Club's Annual Mardi Gras Portland Ball, according to the release, and Strimling noted the region's connection to "direct connection to the French culture retained after the French population was expelled from northern Maine." 

That part of Maine is otherwise known as Acadia, which Louisianians might recognize as the area Acadians left before landing in southwest Louisiana. Their culture directly evolved into what we know of as Cajun today.