The 2017 Tweeting of the Courts: Recap

Mistick Krewe of Comus Ball
As the courts were meeting, New Orleans was tweeting. Here are some of the highlights from people watching the Rex and Comus balls on TV Mardi Gras 2017. (Josh Brasted Photo)

New Orleanians middle-aged, old and tired gathered on their couches and the internet to watch, and tweet, the traditional Meeting of the Courts of Rex and Comus on Mardi Gras night (Feb. 28), broadcast and streamed by WYES. As  commentators Errol Laborde and Henri Schindler might say, it's the newest old tradition. 

If you missed the excitement (fell asleep), you can purchase a DVD for $34.95, helping support the local public broadcast station ... or read this selection of #rexcomus tweets, edited for a family newspaper.