Beads are cool. Doubloons are fun. But if you’re at a parade, be prepared to catch pretty much any kind of item, from clothing to stuffed animals to household goods. Here are some of the most coveted throws at local parades:

  1. Muses shoes. These elaborately decorated heels are limited in quantity and highly treasured.
  2. Zulu coconuts. Not the kind you buy at the store. These are hollowed out, shaved and painted with creative designs.
  3. Nyx purses. This krewe throws other items, but the bedazzled purses are the most sought-after.
  4. Tucks toiletries. You might catch toilet paper, but if you’re lucky, a gilded toilet plunger or brush will be in your hands.
  5. Iris sunglasses. Glitzy and useful.
  6. Pygmalion vinyl piggies. Come in a variety of colors and costumes.
  7. Freret masks. Elaborately and painstakingly decorated, these are true keepsakes.
  8. Alla genie lamps. These can be interactive as well. In the past, krewe members have added a notecard to the lamps asking recipients to share photos on social media.
  9. Athena fedoras. Classic hats good for any occasion.
  10. Carrollton shrimp boots. Nothing says Louisiana more than a decorated shrimp boot.